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Interior Decoration Vishakhapatnam

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Interior Decoration Vishakhapatnam

Rhombus Interior
Visakhapatnam, ANDHRA PRADESH, India
9/1/2018 6:06:09 AM
#RhombusInteriorDesigners The modern home owner's first choice - Vinyl Flooring! Our most popular flooring is Vinyl, and this comes as no surprise! It's relatively cheap to install, very easy to maintain and water resistant - thus a great choice for kitchens,bedrooms,halls,offices,restuarants,hotels etc., Vinyl floorings are manufactured in a wide range of colours and patterns and serve as the perfect substitution for wood, marble or concrete floors. To apply the vinyl flooring, Our #RhombusInteriors team will screed the old floor to ensure a smooth surface, then calculate the floor patterns to fit perfectly after which they simply stick the vinyl onto the screed. To give your kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,halls,offices,restaurants,hotels,lodges a fresh look. Contact us 9160462305 9676492335 9494504124 6302985989 Or visit one of our showrooms #RhombusInteriors And Also Visit Our Website @
Interior Decoration Vishakhapatnam

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