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Virtual Payment Processing Solutions

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Virtual Payment Processing Solutions

Emma AVP Solutions
5/19/2022 3:24:17 AM
We’re living in an increasingly cashless world. That’s great news for many businesses that benefit from impulse purchases, shorter processing time over paper checks, and everyone who suddenly finds themselves short of cash. An astounding 96% of businesses use technology and 34% of consumers say they do ALL their payments on mobile devices. However, there are many businesses which are disadvantaged by the disappearance of paper money from our daily lives. The lawn mowing service, street artists, handymen, home workers, and many small businesses lacking the network or technical skills to create payment terminals. Many sales never occur because the purchaser has no cash and the vendor is unable to accept anything other than cash. Expand your payment options to include ACH Processing for your current and new customers.
Virtual Payment Processing Solutions

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