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Avtec is automatic transmissions manufactures in India.

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Avtec is automatic transmissions manufactures in India.

Gautam Alok
Delhi, DELHI, India
10/29/2018 11:36:48 PM
The Automatic transmissions engine is generally produced a huge rotational speed in comparison to the manual geared engine and generate a very high speed. The AT engine don’t have any clutch plate and a gear shifting mechanism. The torque converter is doing the job of clutch plate in AT. The Automatic Transmissions vehicles are very costly to purchase on a regular interval. But, there are few tips if follows can increase the longevity of the vehicle. The observation of the expert reveals that without proper care a transmission engine damaged within 30,000 miles of running whereas a proper care can extend this period up to 1,00,000 mile. The Automatic Transmissions vehicle required serviced in regular interval. There is a need for a change of engine oil every 20,000 miles running for the long lasting vehicle. The complete flush of the torque converter, cooler etc should do in every 40,000 miles of running and band adjustment must do after 60,000 miles of running. In addition to the above service work, the Automatic Transmissions vehicle required upgrading of fluid. It is recommended to use synthetic fluids compare to petroleum fluids as synthetic fluid ensure more engine life than petroleum. The wrong transmission fluid can easily damage the engine within a second.
Avtec is automatic transmissions manufactures in India.

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